London’s first Devilish Diableries Exhibit (since 1860)


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London’s first Devilish Diableries exhibit (since 1860)

In time for Halloween

Monday 28th October 2019
The Century Club, Soho, London, 61 – 63 Shaftsbury Avenue W1D 6LQ
11am – 4pm
Free entry

Brian May, Denis Pellerin and Paula Fleming proudly present their Diableries exhibition; a devilment of colourful and infernally detailed three-dimensional images of the underworld, originating from the 19th century.

For one day only, Soho’s Century Club will be transformed into a gothic Victorian crypt of temptation and seduction. Whilst surrounded by fantastic imagery depicting demonic scenes with carousing skeletons, devils and satyrs, you will have the opportunity to see the Diableries stories come to life in 3-D using Brian May’s stereoscopic viewer which he designed in the shape of an Owl and named just that.

Brian, who holds the world’s largest collection of stereo cards with over 100,000 in his archive, will display a selection of original Diableries cards along with some of his most treasured stereoscopes and 3-D cameras from the Victorian days, providing a fascinating insight into stereoscopy.

There will also be a 3-D screening of the spellbinding Diableries film, One Night in Hell, which Esquire proclaims to be “the best film you will see all Halloween”, and features an unforgettable scene with Satan swooping down on a skeleton protagonist playing a skull guitar, accompanied by his peers on trumpet and drums, to a soundtrack of We Will Rock You morphed into Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. The very skull guitar from Queen’s It’s A Hard Life video, that inspired this, will also be on exhibit for the public to see for the first time as part of the stereoscopic adventure in hell.

The exhibition celebrates the launch of the trio’s book
Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell – The Complete Edition, published by The London Stereoscopic Company

Signed copies will be available for purchase at the exhibit.

Intrigued to find out what it’s actually all about?

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Diableries New Complete Edition - cover

Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell: The Complete Edition