Brian and Talia Dean interviews – Friday – Sky New and Virgin Radio


SKY NEWS: Sky Channel 501

Tomorow morning, Friday 17 April, get up bright and early to catch Brian and Kings Daughters’ lead singer, Talia Dean, on SKY NEWS at 8.20am, talking about new feel-good single ‘GET UP’ that’s spreading joy across the world!

‘Get Up’ is available on all platforms, in partnership with Mind for better mental health, 10% of each purchase of the song goes to the charity.  #HeyGetUp. sing along and dance the move.

VIRGIN RADIO: Sky Channel 0215 at 09.45am

Get Up - Chris Evans, Virgin Radio - notice

Tomorrow morning around 9.45am, Brian May will be on Virgin Radio’s Chris Evans Breakfast Show, discussing all things ‘Get Up’ and Kings Daughters and the song will be aired on the station for the first time.

If you love GET UP, don’t be shy to give a shout out about it on social and tag Virgin Radio UK.