Invitaion to Dancing In The Rain live gig tonight



Classic Rock announce Kings Daughters first live virtual gig, TONIGHT, and the release of DANCING IN THE RAIN, produced by Brian May, OUT NOW!

The fierce all female British band, merging rock guitars and powerhouse vocals into epic anthems, invite you all to join!

Just hit this link at 8pm tonight (UK time)


Kings Daughters Single Launch and First Live Gig

The gig celebrates the launch of the band’s second single, Dancing in the Rain, to honour those we lost.

The girl band joined the movement – “Keep New Bands Alive and Gigging”- supporting new bands to take the stage and perform gigs, live streamed to the world from new venue, Warehouse V. The aim is to entertain the public at home who are missing gigs in this new reality and to encourage giggers to donate whatever they can afford to help the artists on their musical journey.

Kings Daughters shall perform a live set including their lockdown hit GET UP and new single Dancing in the Rain, both produced by Brian May…. among other tracks. They will also premiere the captivating music video.

Kings Daughters Dancing in the Rain

“This virtual launch is going to be an incredible sense of liberation for us after having been in lockdown for seven months. Being unable to perform, which is what we’re here to do, has had a bigger impact on us than we ever could have imagined and we’ve really struggled as a result. We hope to set a new precedent for live performances with our first gig which will reach fans all over the world. We’ve still had to rehearse and put great creativity into the production, as if fans were coming to see us in the real world, but instead they get to watch the show in the comfort of their living room from all corners of the globe.

As we perform our new single, Dancing in the Rain, to honour those we lost- inspired by the tragic passing of Talia Dean’s best friend during lockdown – we, along with our audience, will collectively be saying an almighty and heartfelt felt goodbye to those no longer with us, who due to Covid law could not be honoured properly in ceremony. “ KINGS DAUGHTERS

Brian May, as the band’s mentor and Producer, shall give a special speech introducing Kings Daughters to rock the stage publicly for the first time:

“The new single from Kings Daughters is a beauty. As co-producer along with Alan Glass I feel very proud of it – and I know it will bring release and comfort to a lot of people out there. Talia Dean is a very talented songwriter and her lyric for this song is deeply moving in all the right ways. I watched her evolve it as she struggled to come to terms with her own loss at the passing of her greatest friend. In common with many folks recently she was denied the chance to say A final goodbye to him. The song is blisteringly honest about the pain, but finds peace and joy in the certainty that his spirit is still with her and will remain at her side.

The song has multiple hooks – culminating in the triumphal Dancing in the Rain motif – which I have had buzzing around in my head constantly for weeks. The video Kings Daughters have made in lockdown echoes the legend of Ophelia, but also intercuts sepia photographs of fans holding portraits of their lost loved ones. This track will touch the hearts of millions for years to come.

Pretty soon we’ll ALL be “DANCING IN THE RAIN“ !” BRIAN MAY

This is the band’s first opportunity to perform live, given that they were born into an unprecedented lockdown situation and had their launch party and gigs cancelled. Since their empowering debut single, Get Up, landed at No13 in the charts back in April, and they had the world up and dancing to their lyrics of solidarity during such a bleak time, the nation has been waiting to see them play!

Drop by for Talia Dean’s powerhouse vocals, the electric sound of Guitar Magazine’s One to Watch, Izzy Lysell, and Vicky O’Neon, a force to be reckoned with on the drums, as they passionately play music, written and composed by themselves, for the first time live.

Kings Daughters - in performance