Brian May Audio Documentary with Maggie Lee


A fascinating hour long audio documentary on Brian May‘s creative world, recorded at The London Stereoscopic Company (LSC) headquarters back in 2018, has just been released and is available to buy on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Audible, Deezer, Google Play, iTunes Store, Spotify and Tidal.

Maggie Lee and Brian May - Maggie meets Brian May
Maggie Meets Brian May

MAGGIE MEETS BRIAN MAY explores the wonders of stereoscopic photography, the history of Queen through the critically acclaimed Queen in 3-D and the rockstar’s other passions as an astronomer and an animal activist. “Mention Brian May and many images come to mind, the cofounder and lead guitarist of Queen, he’s also an astrophysicist, an astronomer…. a dedicated animal rights campaigner too …. But less well known is that for over 50 years, Dr Brian May, one of the few rockstars with a PHD, has been passionately interested in stereoscopic photography….” Maggie Lee

TRAILER TO hour-long 2018 AUDIO DOCUMENTARY below:

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BRIAN MAY: … getting a kind of – well the serrations are giving you a sort of articulation. It’s like consonants when you speak. It’s like ‘c’…. and a ‘s’….

MAGGIE LEE: I’m broadcaster Maggie Lee and I’m in conversation with an extraordinary musician with a fascinating career On stage and off. Mention Brian May and many images spring to mind. I wonder why, why did you decide to write a book about Queen in 3-D and why at this point in time?

BRIAN : Well, they’re good questions Maggie. These things kind of come upon me I find. I guess they come up on everyone. You know there’s a certain time when things just align, you know – the Planets align and you can do something. I think it was always in the back of my mind. You see I carried a stereo camera with me when we were touring and in the studio, and I would just snap away. Of course things were very different in those days because you you didn’t get any instant results…


I was always really attracted to astronomy and, of course, the path to being an astronomer is being a physicist. That’s what I was told at school. So I found myself at Imperial College doing that for three years very successful. Didn’t get a first, you know, a 2-1.

MAGGIE: Does that annoy you now?

BRIAN: No, no. You see. No – because perfection is such a dangerous thing and I narrowly avoided perfection and then I had the opportunity

Yeah, oh yeah. We can do sounds. Yeah – I don’t know if it’s going to come because i think it will. Well, here’s a plastic pick and if I use this, I’m going to come fairly close to the microphone here. It’s very smooth and it’s very bendy so it gives a very light touch.