Press Release: A new perfume for Save Me Trust Foundation


Today, Brian May took part in the launch of the new Xerjoff perfume, with Anita Dobson alongside.

Here Brian introduces the perfume:

Brian May introduces Xeroff perfume – 8 Jan 2021


Here is the Press Release:

Xerjoff perfume


On 8th January, the perfume SAVE ME, resulting from the collaboration between Dr. Brian May and Anne Brummer, founders of the charity Save Me Trust, and Sergio Momo, CEO, and creative director of Xerjoff Group, will be launched to make a significant contribution to the defence of wild animals’ wellness.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the perfumes, available on Xerjoff official website, will be donated to the cause.

The launch of the perfume will take place with a streaming event and will be visible online, from mobile or desktop, to anyone connecting through the URL of the live show (published on the social media channels of Xerjoff and Save Me Trust). The first lucky participants connecting will have the chance to purchase the exclusive limited-edition pieces signed by Brian May and Sergio Momo.

Brian May: “I’m excited about this unique collaboration. My great friend Sergio Momo has, with great generosity, designed a new perfume to benefit wildlife, through the famous company he created – Xerjoff – working with the Save Me Trust. Compassion has never smelled so sweet!“

“Actively participating in the defence of animals’ rights with Xerjoff Spray to Help is an honour as well as a duty”, says Mr. Momo. “Working with Dr. Brian May and Anne Brummer is a privilege, a wonderful experience marked by the sensitivity and love towards animals that we all shuld have and actively get engaged in”

Save Me Trust is an animal welfare organisation that gives wildlife a voice. It was founded in 2010 by Queen guitarist Brian May and Anne Brummer.

Xerjoff Group S.p.A, is a leading group in luxury perfumery whose mission is to develop and raise global awareness for its brands -Xerjoff, Casamorati and Kemi. The brands are distributed in over 80 countries, 500 selected sales points, 6 monobrand boutiques in Dubai, Lisbon, London and Turin, and on a digital platform:

The “Spray to Help” mission is to promote significant improvements in the way the world addresses territory and community, contributing to the realization of solidarity development goals. Choosing to adopt a specific project and contributing to its achievement with the company’s participation is one of the most effective ways to have an impact on the future and make an investment for the common good.