Proud of New Book – Take a Moment


So proud of our new book ! Probably the most important book my dear London Stereoscopic Company has published so far. Based on brilliant original research by Denis Pellerin – it will surprise a lot of people – because in Victorian times, just as in the present day, untruths were propagated at least as successfully as truths. Now, for the first time the whole truth will be out there. Along with the proof !!

Honouring the genius of Charles Wheatstone, we will be launching the book a week from now. The British Library is kindly producing the event, which will take place at Kings College – the very birthplace of stereo photography.

As you can see here, the launch will be live on line – in the beautiful and historic Kings College Chapel. This is historic in itself – it will never happen again !

Sadly all the tickets for actually attending in the Chapel are allocated – sorry – but see you there online ! And you WILL be able to see the slides in 3-D if you’re ready with your OWL VR Kit !!! And your smart phone in place in it.

Stereoscopy 01

Stereoscopy 02 - cross

One week to go

Stereoscopy 04

Published next week !!!

Stereoscopy mono 01

Stereoscopy mono 02

Stereoscopy parallel - 03
Stereoscopy cross - 04
Stereoscopy - anaglyph

Take a moment. Watch it just once. LINK HERE