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In Queen’s 50th year Record Collector dedicates their latest issue to the band and include a double page spread on” QUEEN IN 3-D” with a special offer to get the best-selling book at 50% off!

Retrieve the code from the article then hit the link for the LSC store:



Inside Brian May’s extraordinary book of 3-D photography, available to readers of Record Collector Presents… Queen at a discounted price

Queen In 3-D contains a kind of intermittent Queen history, on and off stage, told in 3-D photographs. I just happened to carry a stereo camera of some kind all the way through Queen’s journey through the 70s, 80s, 90s and yes – up ’til the present day. Apart from using some of the pictures to make stereo cards *we at the London Stereoscopic Company assembled them and began offering them for sale a couple of years ago), I just kept them tucked away in a drawer, as one does. Until the publication of Queen In 3-D.

Cartloads of words an pictures have been published about our rock band over the years. But Queen In 3-D is the first account written by someone who was actually inside the maelstrom. I’ve now been in there for close to half a century. It’s been turbulent to say the least, and of course there have been moments of wondering “was it all worth it”. But… well, judge for yourself.”
Brian May

PLEASE VISIT https://www.QueenIn3-D.com

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