Interview: Brian May celebrates “Stereoscopy: The Dawn of 3-D



Ahead of tomorrow’s launch event of Stereoscopy: The Dawn of 3-D, The Guardian have published an exclusive interview with Brian May and Denis Pellerin.

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Stereoscopy: Brian May celebrates ‘the Dawn of 3D’
9 Nov 2021 11.26AM by Harriet Isherwood

It started with giveaway cards inside boxes of Weetabix and the chance to send off for a plastic 3D viewer, price one-and-sixpence.

BRIAN MAY: “There were two little flat pictures of hippopotamuses, but when you looked through the viewer, the animals leaped out at you in glorious 3D realism. You felt like you could touch them. Once you have experienced that, you never want to go back to flat photography.”

For Brian May, a 10-year-old boy who would grow up to become a rock superstar with Queen, it resulted in a lifelong fascination with stereoscopy.

This week, May publishes a book devoted to the history of his passion. Stereoscopy: the Dawn of 3D, written by the art historian Denis Pellerin…. READ MORE

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