Reminder: Submissions Another World Bri-art book


Bri-art Anther World art book reminder

Closing date for submissions for Bri-art book is fast approaching…


Attention Artists! 

This is your ONE WEEK reminder to submit artwork for the Another World Bri-Art Collection! Submissions need to be sent in by February 6th – after that, we’re closed for selection — so send in your art while ya still can! We understand that not everyone has time to create a new piece, but remember – we’re looking for your BEST work, so if you have any Bri-Art that you’re proud of (doesn’t matter how old it is) send it our way!

Here’s what you need to know.

– E-mail your submissions to: –
– Please provide your name + IG handle [if you have one
– Please send us NO MORE THAN 5 pieces (there are no guarantees – but we want to feature as many artists as possible!) 
– Make sure the quality / resolution is high – ideally 300 dpi. (For traditional artists – a scan is preferred, but a clear and steady photo with good lighting works too!) 
– Send us a link to a Dropbox / Drive with your artwork if the files are too large to e-mail (just make sure the link is viewable!) 
– Submissions are open until Sunday, February 6th 

E-mail or DM @sarah_rugg on IG if you have any questions!