The mind-set of cruelty


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Among current moves – the enemy never sleeps – betrayal by the National Trust.

I know I am speaking to the already-enlightened . . many of you will know about current developments already – but I will continue to flag a few places to go, to see recent moves among those who have the power to affect our wldlfe in the immediate furure. It is a constant battle, to combat the mind-set of indifference and cruelty, which relentlessly tries to undermine standards of decency in the way we treat animals.

Grave Disappointment in the National Trust’s new position

There is evidence here that the the National Trust has been ‘got at’ as regards the wildlife in their care. We have recently been alarmed that prosecutions have been brought against the Hunts, for activies on National Trust land. It has become plain that the NT is not worried by allegations that illegal fox-hunting has been taking place on their properties. Likewise, as regards badgers, until recently the NT has been opposed to the plans to cull badgers on their land – but now, not only have they dropped their opposition, but they actually use the language of the National Farmers Union on their website – speaking as if badgers were the principal cause of infection of Cows with TB – whereas they are not – the principal means of infection is cow-to-cow – and it has been proven beyond doubt (in the ISG) that culling badgers cannot have a positive effect in the fight against bTB in cattle.

Here is the story:  [article no longer available]

and you can see the words the National Trust themselves use on their innocuous-looking website page here.

PLEASE !!! – whether or not you are member of the National Trust – and more than 3 million people are … write to them and express your disappointment that they are no longer committed to protecting one of our most precious protected species – the noble badgers.

Here is where to write:

Perhaps we can encourage someone in the Trust to take up our cause … I know that the vast majority of supporters of the Trust will be outraged at this decision, if their attention is drawn to it.

More soon.