The trouble with the awfulness of the Grand National is that lots of us get upset momentarily but then we forget – until the next year when another one comes along. This time, though, something changed. The peaceful protesters brought the cruelty to the attention of the whole country, and though the press coverage was shamefully biased, the message got through – and this time I don’t think we will forget.

Every time I look at this scene seconds before the end of the race I feel sick. Look at the guy in red, thrashing his horse mercilessly when it’s already giving its all. This is a person who loves his horse ? Really ? In the 21st century there is no way to excuse cruelty. A change has to come. And since the horse-racing industry has failed to self-regulate to eliminate cruelty and death from this event, regulation must be applied from outside. I will.

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Time to rescue these wonderful creatures. Let’s make sure Hill 16 is the last horse to lose its life in a Grand National.