I usually try to keep my posts jolly…


I usually try to keep my posts jolly. But the spectre of man’s appalling abuse of animals constantly haunts me.

This particular obscenity is so shocking that it’s unbelievable that any sane government could allow it to happen. But this is reality. This disgusting practice is plainly and damaging to these poor animals, but even viewed from a selfish perspective, anyone who eats the flesh of these creatures is at risk too. And this is only the tip of the iceberg of our insanity.

Every time we take a breath, millions of farm animals are suffering to enable humans to eat meat.

Alongside this horror, the planet suffers, since all animal farming accelerates global warming and depletes natural resources.

And finally the oblivious humans suffer because this diet is ever more unhealthy for reasons like we see here.

Every day there are more reasons to start cutting out meat and dairy from our diets. Individually we can take powerful action. But we also need a government to lead us. Any decent government would right now be encouraging us to eat less meat, as the single most significant contribution we can make towards saving Planet Earth.

Dear Rishi Sunak – is it not time to man up and start telling your countrymen to lessen their meat intake – for the sake of the animals, the Earth, and our health ? Or are you going to be afraid, like your predecessors, to face up to the powerful farming lobby which is preventing us from facing the truth ?

How about we all write to Rishi Sunak @rishisunakmp and ask him this question ?