More attempted character assassination of foxes


[With reference to article MAILONLINE: Foxes have killed TWO of my cats and ripped off the catflap trying to get into my house, claims distraught owner – By CLAIRE ELLICOTT 7th December 2010]

Unbelievable. In every sense! Blatant anti-fox propaganda. The funniest thing – which actually gives the game away – is the brainless guy who says …

“Foxes are vermin, like rats. Our pets and our children are not safe when foxes are about. All urban foxes should be exterminated, like rats, and rural foxes should be kept in control with the most efficient and humane means possible, by hunting them with hounds.”

Humane? Hunting them with hounds? Excuse me? Through the streets of Hackney, I suppose! Ha Ha. Sorry, guys …. it’s too obvious by far. This is a very very lame attempt at justifying the hideous sport of fox-hunting. All the foxes we have ever known – and that’s quite a few now, have run away on the sight of a cat. They are not vermin (even by DEFRA’s definition). They are living, breathing, highly intelligent mammals, with a nervous system very similar to our own. Even if one of two of them were guilty of a ‘crime’ like this – which I doubt very much – it pales into absolute insignificance beside the atrocities committed by human beings against every kind of animal, and even their own kind, every second of every day.

Well, I think this stuff won’t wash any more. It had to be the Daily Mail, didn’t it!! Grow up, guys.


On the other hand …. today was a wonderful day for wild animals. I will follow up with details.