Last day to tell DEFRA not to kill our badgers


Save Me badger

We need you NOW!!!

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Yes, it’s already clear that the Coalition ministers currently controlling DEFRA had made up their minds to cull badgers long before they launched this consultation. It is also clear that DEFRA are conspiring with the NFU and those in the farming community who have been crying for the blood of the Badger for years. This is apparent because leaks about the contents of the responses so far have recently appeared in the farming press, and unfairly used to promote favourable responses to the consultation; whereas our side of the dispute has been denied all access. We know that the ‘scientific paper’ used to launch the consultation, only presented one side of the argument, and was therefore invalid as an impartial scientific document. And finally we know that the evidence contained in the accumulated responses will be assessed by a board of DEFRA which is completely biased in favour of the NFU view. The process would be judged as corrupt, unfair, and invalid by any impartial observer.

And yet, since we live under the power of a government Hell bent on riding rough-shod over the welfare of wild animals, RESPONDING to their ill-conceived consultation is at present the only weapon we have, to promote reason and truth, and the decent solution to Bovine TB … VACCINATION.

PLEASE – if you have not responded yet, do so now.
TODAY is the last opportunity.

Here is where to go for a pain-free walk-through.

Our own SAVE-ME response page will have you sending an E-mail to the nasty DEFRA people in just a few minutes. We will not put words in your mouth. But we will help you add YOUR voice to the dispute. Click now!!



With love

Dr. Bri