‘Appy Days… Solar System for iPad


Look which iPad app just won BEST APP at the FutureBook Digital Innovation awards!

Solar System by Marcus Chown

It’s Solar System.  This is an amazing educational toy!  A recreational and artistic boon to science!  Beautiful to operate, easy to understand, and full of the answers to all our questions about our Sun’s family.  

If you have an iPAD, this is essential !  And it was created by none other than our esteemed pal MARCUS CHOWN  –  the well-known author and expert on Cosmology who has so often helped me out on these pages by answering questions on relativity and cosmology that I couldn’t handle!  

Seriously, this is a wonderful thing to have. 

When you enter the front page for a planet, you get a picture of the whole object, and you can rotate it with a finger, and zoom in too … brilliant! 

This is me, checking out the fascinating IO – turbulent spattered moon of Jupiter …

Solar system Stereo

Solar System on iPad

The rendering is so good I was able to make a stereo of this moon, by capturing two views from this remarkable program from slightly different angles. 

Moon Stereo

There is EVEN a surprise page featuring a well-known Zodiacal Light astronomer ! 

Solar System app on iPad

Well, how unusual !  

Recommended ! 


“Solar System for iPad” just won Best App at the FutureBook Digital Innovation awards!