David Cameron in Brian May’s arms

Brian and David Cameron (Fox)
Photo © Anne Brummer

Yes, it’s true. We have named this gorgeous little chap after our current Prime Minister. He and his brothers and sisters all have names honouring well-known animal-lovers.

His whole small family was resident undera lady’s garden shed, until one day, the cubs’ mother did not come home. The kind lady noticed immediately the vixen was absent, and went to check on the babies. They were still, and very cold. Amazingly, she scooped them up and brought them immediately to the Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue. Our angel of animals, Anne Brummer, put them in blankets with hot water bottles, and soon they all recovered and began sniffing around. They were so young that their eyes were not even open yet.

The mother was found later, sadly killed on the road.

This picture was taken today … just a few days later … Davey is about 20 days old. These little orphaned cherubs will all have a second chance out there in the wild where they belong.

More soon !