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I’m sure most of you understand my strategy in sporadically posting on the old Facebook page
… but – just so you don’t miss these bits … here is what I am writing this evening.   I am ploughing into new areas with Save … on the foxes, and on the badgers … and you guys are doing a great job on this [Save-Me Forum] forum.  I’m conscious that you do not always need me spouting here … you are reaching out to each other and to new members … and keeping thecrusade very much alive and dangerous. 
I will be back with some ideas soon, for things we can interact on .. but for the moment, if I am following up all the leads I get, I just can’t write as well.  Well, not without abandoning all hope of playing the guitar again!
I’m working very hard on the upcoming tour of ANTHEMS with Kerry Ellis.  I think it will be spectacular … and I hope to see some of you out there … I will be using the travel opportunities to follow up some animal-friendly contacts on the way. 
All the very best for now 
P.S. Notice there is another NOTE below this one … don’t miss it – it’s good news.

Hi Save-Me Warriors …
It seems a long time ago that we were on here every hour of the day, when Save-Me was young.

Things have changed, but the campaign is still just as active, and stronger than ever.
Of course an ever-increasing number of you good people out there are members of the Save-Me.org.uk forum – so we are in touch. But I know that many of you keep up with the facebook page, which is actually always poised to be relaunched at full strength, if and when we feel the time is right.
Meanwhile – Thanks for the GREAT responses to what I wrote about the poisonous propaganda that is being drip-fed to the public by organs such as the Daily Mail. It’s odd … the very next day after I wrote that, I found myself speaking to a writer for the DM – but in the Entertainment section of the supplement … and of course there is no connection. He seemed quite upset to realise what was going on in the darker parts of the paper.
I am writing this partly to make sure that you hear me …

SO ! On this beautiful Friday evening, as the Sun goes down … HELLO !!!
If you’re there … receiving this .. please do me a favour … just press the ‘like’ button [at http://www.facebook.com/SaveMe2010] or whatever it is, to give me an idea of who is still on this journey with us .. the journey to change the world … and secure decent treatment for all animals.
All the very best .