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I have to admit that, while immersed in my current tour of the UK, the nasty, insidious “Red Tape” affair nearly slipped by me unnoticed. But it needs attention from us all precisely because the ‘Con-Dem’ government have so cleverly concealed this scheme to quash current existing legislation which protects the environment and our wild animals.

THERE IS A PETITION CURRENTLY being run by 38 Degrees … to STOP the dilution of these precious laws.


It seems almost incredible, but the Government, quite quietly, is trying to scrap laws that protect the environment, and our wild animals, by labelling them as ‘Red Tape’, that they propose to scrap. It’s a back-door way of pursuing their policy of giving the farming business complete control of the countryside, and stripping away any voice that speaks for the rights of wild animals, or Nature in its free state. The logo of the Conservative party – a Green Tree – is the ultimate irony. It’s time that people realised that this government represents cruelty and a callous disregard for Nature.

We have an opportunity to comment on the ‘Red Tape’ proposals directly. Make your feelings known on their site here …

Please sign here …

And please spread the word … that the very existence of our wild life is under threat from this Coalition government.


And here is the disclaimer about alleged intimidation by animal rights extremists.

In view of the recent allegations that TV presenter Adam Henson and his family have been threatened by ‘activists’,

SAVE-ME would like to make the following clear statement.

“We are appalled to read Adam Henson’s claim that he and his family have been threatened by extremists, because of his perceived views on the culling of badgers.

We at Save-Me believe that the killing of badgers, or any other wild animal, in an attempt to eradicate disease endemic to farming, is immoral, scientifically unsound, and tragically misguided. We are committed to fighting violence towards animals, by educating, raising public awareness, and by every decent and lawful means possible.

But we want to make it absolutely clear that we deplore the use of any kind of intimidation or violence towards those people who may in the future be lawfully engaged in a cull; in fact, as an entirely peaceful campaign, we remain totally dissociated from anyone who feels that violence or personal threats against humans are ever justified.”

Brian May


Of course, on the other side, all of us who campaign against cruelty to wild animals are frequently threatened. The worst of the intimidation via our facebook page last Autumn was put in the hands of the police. It is not surprising to find that those who advocate violence to animals will tend to be violent to humans too – the correlation has been proven statistically. But, though there is a natural tendency for animal welfare workers to spring to the defence of animals who are being abused by any means, we who continue the fight against cruelty must guard carefully against crossing the border into inappropriate behaviour towards human beings. It is peace we need, in the end, after all.