The Cowardly Hunters


Fowl play: In defence of the pheasant

This article, by someone who thinks it is ‘exciting’ to kill a helpless ‘wild’ creature made me get very angry. What a moron.

The stupid, stupid idea that just because a wild animal might kill a human being makes it a villain must surely be an obvious to everyone as a nonsense. If this were true, there would be NO lions or tigers or bears left in the world, instead of almost none. Anyone with any sense realises that wild animals are wild, and need to be respected, and treated sensibly, and that in fact, Man is by far the most ruthless killer on the planet.

God help us – this kind of ancient justification of mindless cruelty is just what we need to somehow eradicate from our society.

REAL MEN DON’T HUNT. Unless the odds of survival are equal. Now THAT is what I call sport.

The guys with the guns shooting at birds who have been bred to be easy to hit ? … they are called COWARDS.