A happy postscript to our fox story …


I just got this from Pam.

Tonight I got a phone call from the RSPCA. Not just from any member of staff. It was from the actual person who had attended the call out to the fox in Teddington. She explained that she had left the fox because it looked so tame that she assumed it was being fed. She had asked the neighbours to call back to the RSPCA if the fox was not improving.

What excellent communication has to be attributed to the RSPCA. They had gone to the trouble of tracing the original call and asking her to contact me. Whilst the fox was not taken away to be cared for I feel slightly warmed that they said they would go back if needed.

(I will let you know how the fox is when I see it again.)

Love Pam x

So ! Good to hear of this good stuff. Maybe I was a bit hasty in criticising the RSPCA ! But there are big issues to look at here. We need a very strong wind of change !