Worried about a fox …


[Responding to a note from Pam, concerned for an injured fox the RSPCA would not treat …. see LETTERS]

Call Anne !!!

Yes, shockingly the RSPCA often seem to ignore injured and suffering animals if they are ‘wild’.

I guess more people need to know this. It’s a chilling comment on the way Britain, a ‘nation of animal lovers’ behaves.

And the RSPCA are more caring than many other parts of our infra-structure as a country.

You’ll find that a majority of vets are the same.

They make their money from farmers who need them to provide ‘service’ for their livestock, and from a few people rich enough to pay for their pets to be medically attended to. But who will pay them to care for an injured fox or badger of hedgehog? So why would they bother?

Luckily there are many vets who, out of their own pocket and according to their own conscience, will tend to the sick, regardless of payment. These are the Good Guys, but obviously these are not the vets who advocate fox-hunting (even more shocking) or, currently, the mass-slaughter of badgers to solve a farming problem (bovine TB).

The world is not as it seems. Almost nobody is speaking for our native wild animals. We need to let people know.

And if you DO find an injured or orphaned wild animal …. call Anne Brummer at Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue. She will tell you what to do. And very likely she will come out herself if it’s within range … she is amazing.

Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue
Marlborough House
Augustus Gardens
Camberley, Surrey
GU15 1HL

TEL: 01276 681668
FAX: 01276 25255
10am – 2pm