Road Kill


I agree totally, Heather. I have been seeing an appalling number of dead bodies of wild mammals on the roads in Surrey too. It’s so sad.

And – really – not acceptable. It’s time the problem was properly addressed.

We will flag this up.


Heather Briggs wrote:

Dear Brian,
First, glad to see that your wife has got through to the next round in Strictly!

But on to more serious matters. I cycle a lot around the lanes and first of all I find it so very sad the amount of road kill I find (in the area just south of Leicester). What’s worse, is that I continually see that drivers don’t even try to avoid wild life; they just keep their foot on the accelerator and don’t even try to drive round or brake. This has happened several times right in front of me; drivers have been on straight roads, good visibility and every opportunity to not hit the poor animal concerned.

No doubt I am preaching to the converted, and most of the people on your website would be respectful of wildlife on our roads. But perhaps if we could all remind at least five people around us – friends, neighbours, family – that a car does not give us a god given right to mow down anything that is in front of us. Do you consider this campaign might be successful – if we all post it to Facebook and on Twitter? I was trying to think of a ‘catch phrase’, but can’t think of anything more catchy than ‘It’s cool to avoid animals on the road’ (poor), ‘Be aware, take care, avoid road kill’ (doesn’t pan) – perhaps some of your fans could have some inspiration in this area!

It’s just devastating and the number of animals losing their life on our roads must be in the millions. Your opinions and thoughts would be very greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Heather Briggs.