Badger Cull


[Brian was asked: Is there anything we can do about the Badger Cull?]

Thanks for the question.

Everybody concerned about the continuing threat to badgers is saddened and disappointed by this announcement, and yet it was not unexpected.  Since before the election the Conservative party has been determined to implement a cull of badgers.  And you have to understand that there is a strong bond between the present government and the militant end of the National Farmers Union, who helped put them into office.  The implications of this have been apparent from the moment the Coalition assumed power.  To back down on promises made in such a situation would be out of character for these politicians, simply because they would be worried about jeopardising their support in the future. 

Caroline Spelman’s announcement really doesn’t change very much, because all those of us who care remain committed to fighting on behalf of the wild animals who have no voice of their own. 

We at Save-Me are in constant touch with the Badger Trust, who, with ever-increasing support from the public, will be planning the next move in the battle for decency.  Vaccination trials are already in operation, with the support of a large part of the farming community, who are horrified as we are at the prospect of this cruel and unjustifiable slaughter.  I believe that this government is the last that will ever be able to make a decision like this – as the realisation grows in public awareness, that the lives of sentient creatures are more important than mere economics.  

The Badger Trust have given me this advice, to pass on.

Please continue to promote the signing of the 38 Degrees Petition against the culling of badgers. Since the announcement was made yesterday, the number of votes cast has increased by over 1,000 which is quite phenomenal as it was increasing by about 60 a day prior to the Minister’s decision. At about 3.00 p.m. yesterday it stood at 38,967 signatures and a few minutes ago it had increased to 40,050. So the public distate for the decision is increasing quite rapidly. The petition is easy to access via the Badger Trust website at I still have some leaflets if he or anybody else would like a quantity, they just need to write to, stating quantity required and delivery address. If we were able to get the petition to 100,000 we might be able to force a debate in Parliament.

As soon as we have analysed the present situation in full, I will write to all our supporters, and hopefully we will then know what to ask you decent caring people to do.   In the meantime, keeping the subject in people’s minds is important.  The government would like nothing more than the whole thing to be forgotten, so they can get on with their dirty work.   It’s not going to happen.  

All the very best 


– the 38Degrees Badger Petition needs your signature – please sign if you haven’t already done so HERE.
(Let’s make it 100,000 signatures!!)