‘Strictly Come Dancing’ in Hell


Well, I was hoping to have a festive Diablerie for you all, but this is the closest I could manage!

It’s something so much like “Strictly come Dancing in Hell” I couldn’t resist! It’s aptly titled “The Infernal Lottery”!!! ha ha! Actually the more you look at this scene (especially in 3-D – hints here) the more sense it makes. This is a little taste of the fun and games these little devils have in the Diableries series of cards … the definitive book on which we hope to be publishing, this coming year. Meanwhile …… !

La Loterie Infernale!

Ls Loterie Infernale

La Loterie Infernale!

It’s taken me about 2 weeks to restore this view … its like something between restoring the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and trying to clean a battleship with a toothbrush! I will never finish 180 of these for the book. So I am in a bit of a spot, really … I need a about half a dozen apprentices!

Oh well … enjoy! Merry Christmas Eve!

Cheers all