The most cowardly sport of all


Dear Folks

I hope you all had a great Christmas.

Reality kicks in with a vengeance on Boxing Day, of course.

Because in the media today we will see horrific images. We will see evidence that there are still people out there who think it is cool to torture innocent wild animals. We will see the uniformed yahoos who still indulge, flouting the law, in the most cowardly ‘sport’ of all – Fox-Hunting with dogs. I don’t doubt that there are good folk out there too, who honestly want to ride out across the fields and exercise their horses in a stiff breeze, engaged in harmless drag-hunts. But the League Against Cruel Sports has ever-mounting evidence that a high proportion of the red-coated Old School are finding and killing foxes ‘by accident’, or openly laughing at the law, by engaging in full blood hunts and boasting about it to their mates. There is no difference between this breed of beastliness and the despicable yobs who go out and set their dogs on each other, or on defenceless badgers and foxes and sometimes domestic animals … the worst kind of cruelty, that all civilised people would like to see banished forever from our land.

Well, my wish for 2012 is to see a shift in the wind for all animals … I pray for a miracle … for with this government that we have, a miracle is what it will be. We have people in power who are intent on bringing back the barbaric practices of hunting with dogs, hare coursing and stag hunting, and the same bunch are now Hell-bent on slaughtering thousands of mostly healthy badgers in a fatally misguided attempt to appease the extreme end of the farming community. Everybody knows killing badgers will not solve the problem of Bovine TB … but they still want to do it … even announcing their evil intent just before Christmas to make it as hard as possible for the country to react. But I believe they have underestimated the power of British Decency. This slaughter of badgers cannot, and must not be allowed to proceed.

Please join us in the fight for vaccination, not extermination, of our magnificent native badgers, who have been cruelly infected with a cow’s disease, and are now to be killed because they are accused of spreading it.

Disgrace. Appalling mistake. 2012 must be the year we begin the change … towards decency to all creatures.

Love to all