A puzzle in Purgatory


Things have got a little sombre around here … in tune with my recent mood, I guess. So how about a new competition with a prize at the end of it!

It centres around those jolly little devils that I have been working with for quite a while now. My colleagues in Photohistory and I have come across many nice solutions to many of the puzzles embedded in the Diableries – which we’ll share when we can get the book finished.

But there are some oddities which we can’t fathom, and I thought it might be nice to ask my always-intrepid readers of the Soapbox if they have any ideas …

If you enjoy this stuff, we have more puzzles later!

So ! Puzzle of the day …. For a nice new and until-now unavailable Platinum Owl with enlarged backplate ….

What is it these guys in Purgatory are forging, and why? We have some ideas, but we’d really like to hear if anybody can tell us if they have seen one of these!

I’ll put it up on various forms, in 2D and in 3-D.

Good luck !

Cheers !


Puzzle in Purgatory

Puzzle in Purgatory - stereo

Here’s the scene these workers fit into … they must be the skeleton staff! Ha ha.

Puzzle in Purgatory - stereo

By the way, this view is number 4 in the ‘A’ series of Diableries – which you will find on the LondonStereo.com website right here .. and you can see the ‘hold-to-the-light’ magic happen on this page. PLUS … we will be adding 10 new detail pages this week … they’ll be underlined in red on the thumbnails page. Enjoy !