Back to the future


[Replying to letter – SEE LETTERS]

Well, Mr. Ray, I don’t think I am qualified on the subject of whether Time Travel is possible. Actually I don’t know if any of us are.

But as for life elsewhere in the Universe, well, from what I see, I don’t think humans are at all stuck on the idea that there is no other life out there on other galaxies. Quite the reverse. There have been countless films about aliens, and UFO’s, and a majority of astronomers are convinced that the Drake Equation shows that statistically there MUST be life out there. I’m actually in a minority in doubting this. I just look at the current state of research into how life originated, and I see missing pieces. Which indicates to me that all the probability estimates are flawed. I think that it’s just possible that we are unique in the Universe – that Humans and all the other wonderful creatures on this blue planet are all that there is. What is pretty certain is that if there are other creatures out there even as close as stars in our neighbourhood spiral arm in our Milky Way galaxy, we will never be able to have a conversation with them. Well, not unless there is some way around the Theory of Relativity, which is more or less the same thing as discovering that time travel is possible. Well – it would be fun, wouldn’t it ! I think my wish would be fairly modest – I’d visit a time when my parents were alive.