Caroline The Fox


Here’s a message update from Anne Brummer to me … typical of the lovely updates I get. In those moments when the awfulness of the cruelty in the our country I’ve become aware of brings me to the ground, and I feel like I can never make a difference … messages like this keep me going.

There ARE kind and compassionate people in the world … like the man who stopped to pick up this small girl fox after a car had hit her, and brought her in to Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue. They all get names … even if they only stay a few hours … before they are helped back into the world. This little lady is called Caroline.

Caroline The Fox

“This little girl came in yesterday morning after being hit by a car, she was very dazed and i have been hand feeding, she has just eaten on her own tonight and is looking good, I am just doing last feed for her it now 1 1.30 am and I am watching a tawny owl fly, just awesome, she’s looking really well now too. Maybe Little Caroline can go home tomorrow, she’s very cute and now wonderfully grumpy with me.”

and a few hours later …

Caroline The Fox 2

“This picture is a minute old. She’s really doing well, look how alert and inquisitive she is.. The man who found her David is really great , he has phoned to check on her . The person who hit her didn’t stop. She will have a mate at this time of year so the sooner she goes home the better it is for her.”

Caroline comes from a part of the world where more and more heavy building is going on, resulting the in destruction of more and more wildlife habitat. But she will get another chance in the world.

Happy Weekend, folks.


P.S. If you see an animal in the wild that needs help, or if you need advice … here [] is the contact info for Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue.