Devils having fun


As light relief from the work I’ve been doing to try to take action against the current appalling wave of badger baiting – it truly makes me feel ill – I’ve been updating and expanding the Diableries section on our website.

Satan's Haren

I think it’s cool ! Please check out the new bits  [SEE LINKS BELOW] … especially the new ENFER page – where you will see possibly the first Diablerie EVER, in its full glory after about 100 hours of restoration in Photoshop (yes, that’s why I never get any sleep!) – and if you tarry a while, you will see it with some smouldering eyes … I think the creators of these fabulous stereos in the 1860s would approve !!

It’s in Photoshop I work. I never touch the cards. They are best left alone.

Cheers (Devilishly)

Dr. Bri


and, if you’re still wondering what in Hell it’s all about …