Malvern Stereos


I took a trip to Malvern, a charming, peaceful place, that reminds you that life is good.

Malvern, a place I am very fond of, this weekend, to see my lady wife who was appearing there in the play “Bette and Joan”…. my Dad visited the town many times when I was young, working with the Royal Radar Establishment.

I found David Hockney, in a way … noticing this delightful remnant of a tree, on the way up to the Worcester Beacon, not far from St Anne’s Spring – where some very early photography was done. If you want to see what else I found ….. please click here – it will take you to the site, where I occasionally post some modern Stereo pictures … alongside the many ancient 3-D photos that I’ve been studying ….. including the dangerous Diableries !

This picturesque tree stump is nice in mono …

Tree Stump - mono

But VERY nice in Stereo ! (Stereo Viewing hints can be found here and here.) Yes, I have attempted to ‘see’ the colours as Mr Hockney does, here. He says you have to really try hard to see colours as they really are. So I did.

Malvern - Tree Stump - stereo

OK … the rest are at

This little escapade distracted me from the pain of learning that farmers have been, cruelly, ignorantly, unutterably selfishly, taking the killing of innocent badgers into their own hands. I find this so appalling, I am tempted to lose faith in human nature altogether. I have been struggling, in the campaign to save our badgers, trying NOT to paint farmers as bad people. How far can you go … ?

The British countryside is beautiful. But more and more, I look at it with a shudder, now that I now know, more and more, how much abominable cruelty goes on, concealed behind the pleasant meadows and trees and flowers. If we could see its true colours, it would be stained with endless blood. And if the present government has its way, it’s about to get much worse.