A lady who is willing to give foxes a chance …



This story would normally go on our ‘Letters’ page, but I think it’s so significant, I’d like it here on the Soapbox.

This lady has done something very significant … an example for us all, I think. She has had the courage to re-assess her position, from a point of view of kindness and empathy.

This has made me very happy – giving me hope that things CAN change. We’ll let yo know what happens. (This correspondence reads from top to bottom).


Dear Brian

I’ve been watching the programme on foxes tonight the first one I have seen. Just yesterday, before this programme aired a family of foxes emerged in my garden – I saw the mother and four cubs – they look healthy but my garden is not huge – I am concerned about the debris they will leave- two plastic carrier bags and other odds and ends already – and their faeces, Again, before even being aware of the programme – I looked on the internet – for some way to have them taken away – but definitely not harmed with chemical deterrents or destroyed. But this is the only response that I have had so far – for them to be captured and put to sleep. But of course I do not want to do this. – I am an oap widow who has sadly suffered a stroke. I do so want to be able to leave my garden door open safely in the summer – and not to have to look around and over my shoulder all the time. Please could you suggest some help for me to have them relocated. I have signed your petition. I am very happy for foxes to be safe but I am not happy to have them so close to my house – their den is very close. If you could offer any help I would be very grateful.

Estelle (in the Home Counties)

Hello Estelle

Thanks for writing to us … I think you have just saved the lives of some precious creatures. I understand your concern.

Of course to me, there is no problem in having foxes around … I feel very privileged – and certainly there are thousands of people in Britain who would give their eye teeth to have that experience. I notice you say you want to be ‘safe’ – but of course there is no way these animals would ever do anything to harm you, even if they were curious enough to want to look in your house. In fact, these very intelligent creatures can be great company !

As the TV programme shows, they are very gentle creatures and if the worst thing they ever do is move plastic bags around, then there is really no worry. I would guess that this family of foxes is living nearby, in the garden of someone who takes care of them, so perhaps someone will be sad to lose them.

HOWEVER ! If you are sure you want them to leave your area, and the only other option is for them to be killed, I’m sure we can help rescue them. I will forward this to Anne Brummer, who is our expert in Animal Rescue, and I’m sure she will be in touch very soon.

All the very best

Thanks for your response Brian – in view of what you say, and also because of the tv programme I’ll maybe have a go at trying to enjoy having them around instead of not wanting them around so I’ll give it a go – test time when the sun is out (if ever) and actually using the garden – and if I find I’m just too worried about it all – may I come back to you. Thank you very much for your reply and thank you, very much, too for all the fabulous music over all the years.


Wow !!

Estelle! I really did not expect that response from you ! How wonderful !! I am so thrilled I can hardly speak ! Maybe we could come round and see you one evening ?!

And Anne, who has had a lifetime’s experience with animals, would be able to help with any problems you might have … Well, I am speechless.

Thank you so much – on behalf of all the wild animals. I have a strange feeling that this might bring something very important into your life. I could tell you stories of my Mum … who found such companionship in her animal friends, after she lost my Dad.

Lots of love
Dr. Bri
(the Silver Fox !)

P.S. May I ask you a favour .. and you really do not have to say yes. Could I publish our correspondence on my website, please?

I think it may inspire many others – and bring them good things. If not I quite understand, but I had to ask.


You and Anne would be welcome to visit – and it would be lovely if the family were to come out and you could see them. I’ve seen the Dad now too – so Mum is definitely not a single mother and the cubs do look very sweet and I see no signs of mange. So yes with if Anne is willing to share some of her experience that would help boost my confidence in sharing my garden with this family of lodgers. Yes, do put up the correspondence if you feel it will help.


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