Dear Soapbox Friends


I have been overwhelmed tonight by amazing supportive responses to what I contributed to the Channel 4’s FOXES LIVE and MORE 4 programmes this evening.

Thanks so much. The strength of feeling out there seems to be very strong.

I feel this programme has achieved a huge breakthrough for understanding of foxes out there in the streets. And although the bad bits are so shocking to watch – for me it is very painful – it has been absolutely necessary for them to include this material, since, at last, the grisly truth about cruelty to Foxes is being seen by the public. I feel the tide is turning at last. This fight for decent treatment of animals is a lot like Votes for Women, or the Abolition of Slavery … there is no question that we are right. So in the end we must win. Animals must be emancipated and a new contract written … new laws passed for the protection of ALL animals against cruelty and wanton destruction.

We will get there. And all who help us will be seen by future historians as the enlightened.

Cheers and thanks so much for the support. I will be trying to respond personally to some of these great messages.