Postscript to Sidmouth and Norman Lockyer Observatory Opening



I consider myself incredibly lucky to be given opportunities like this. I could not have dreamed it better. Wish my Dad were around to enjoy some of this.

Here’s a slightly less Heath-Robinson contraption for projecting the image of the Sun. It’s at Sidmouth, and this telescope is the actual one used by Norman Lockyer for his work on the Sun – when he discovered Solar Prominences. This is a refracting telescope, not a reflector, so the light comes out of the bottom end, as you can see, not the side, as in the case of my small reflector. You can just see my cream tea in the foreground! Photo by Sara Bricusse.

Brian May at NLO

Brian May at NLO

And here is the proof that it really was me, all those years ago in Sidmouth …

There’s a small bridge over the river, just at the end of the prom … and there I was in 1960 … looking wistfully upstream.

And here I am in 2012 … feeling lucky, and …. well, just compare … you can see I never had any dress sense !!

Brian May on bridge in Sidmouth
Photo: Harold May, 1960.

Brian May on bridge in Sidmouth 2012

Brian May on Sidmouth bridge 2012, stereo

and the ceremony ….

Brian May cutting ribbon at Sidmouth dome
Cutting the ribbon. 2012 photos: Sara Bricusse.