The Lovely Victorian Town of Sidmouth in Devon

Sidmouth, Devon
Sidmouth, Devon

The lovely Victorian town of Sidmouth in Devon. I always feel grateful to be back here for a moment. Fond memories of childhood holidays with my Mum and Dad. And I don’t think this giant pain in my heart was there in those days. These days we come here – as Save-Me – to continue the battle to eradicate the mycobacterium Mbovis from cattle and wildlife. It’s bitterly frustrating now to know that we have the solution in front of us, yet we cannot yet swing Government policy around to employ it. However we are thankful that two top DEFRA officials will be joining us at the farm today. Things are changing – now there is an open dialogue between all points of view, with a genuine will to break through to victory over Bovine TB. We’re grateful. And … some day … all this will be history – viewed from a humane and TB free future world.

Sidmouth, Devon - stereo
Sidmouth, Devon – stereo

A rather unsatisfactory stereo – but hopefully you’ll get the gist …! That’s Salcombe Hill above the red sandstone headland – where sits the famous Norman Lockyer Observatory. I hope to be visiting again soon.