Queen back in Ukraine, to rock one more time


The view from my window. It’s a beautiful day!

Kiev River View

I am in Ukraine … in Kiev, to be precise. Ready for our first gig tomorrow !

Amazing. I feel lucky. This is the view from my window.

Yes, I am trying to work out how that beautiful river bridge works !

But it’s nice and relaxing. We will be doing a sound check later … and checking out our lights and sound and videos, etc.

Kiev River up to Freedom Arch

This is the view on the other side …. up above is the Freedom Arch … nice, but eerily resonant with what has taken over Kiev right now .. (of course) (apart from Queen and Elton John tomorrow night) ….



Yep! It’s McDonalds World! Ouch! And CocaCola, of course. It’s product saturation. All for the Big Football Final which will take place here shortly. That’s apparently what these big organisations bring about, and exactly the kind of thing we will see at the Olympics in the UK, too … they do a deal with a company like McDonalds for lots of money (a health kick, eh? Great for grown kids!!) – and any other competing company is forbidden to trade in the vicinity. In the old days that would have been criminal restriction of trade – right? Why not now? How do they get away with this?

Well, maybe it’s not illegal, but it looks too much like Planet Mall for me. Oh … Hell, I’m probably being way too uncharitable … Kiev certainly looks like it’s having a good time. The people are friendly, helpful and warm. And a little excited, too, I think. And not just about the football!

Tonight we sound-checked to an unofficial audience of about 1,000 people, I reckon! They were very encouraging (thanks guys!)

Tomorrow we play the first show of the tour.

KYIV here we come!

Did you know Mila Kunis was born here? In Kiev, Ukraine. For me it’s a strange coincidence, because on the plane over, Friends with Benefits became my new favourite fil ! Yes, I know it’s a chick flick, but I was very moved. And she is amazing. Well, ’39 – my space science fiction love song – will be for you tomorrow, Mila.

Mila Kunis

And all the lovely ladies of Ukraine.

Oh – OK – for all the Young Dudes too !


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