Queen Army Shirt !!!


[In response to Brian having worn a rather special tee-shirt for the encores at the Moscow concert last night. SEE LETTERS]

Thanks Renee.

I’m not quite sure how to direct you to the shirt-makers … for the Moscow Queen Army. But I’m sure somebody on-line will do that …

I’m afraid I signed mine and gave it away – to the doctor who attended me at the show last night, in gratitude for his work on my knee !

I have been dealing with a ruptured cartilage for a few weeks now, and the wear and tear on stage has made it complain.

My Russian knee specialist was able to drain the fluid off the joint about an hour before I went on stage, and apply some medication.

So I was confident for the show. I had a great time in Moskva !!!

Here is a pic of me with him (I think it might be unprofessional to publish his name) – just before we went on –

– with the shirt !

Brian with knee doctor at Moscow show


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