Save-Me and the RSPCA


Save-Me – in the shape of Anne Brummer and myself – were represented at many meetings in the last couple of weeks. A lot of this stuff is not really suitable for publishing, because the issues are sensitive, and there is no point in giving the ‘enemy’ (those who want to continue hurting or killing wild animals) ammunition.

But one meeting I can tell you about is our first encounter with the new boss of the RSPCA, at their amazing headquarters. The new CEO of the RSPCA is a man called Gavin Grant. It’s hard to describe the emotions we felt meeting him … he’s possibly the most highly informed and passionate advocate of animals I’ve ever met. In fact, the man is awesome. He has, in the short time since he became the new head of the organisation, completely galvanised it – and led it forth with great courage to the place many of us hoped the RSPCA would eventually occupy. As of now, the RSPCA has teeth.

Recognising that there is fundamentally no difference between a bunch of yobs setting their dogs on each other, or on a maimed and defenceless badger, and a bunch of toffs setting their dogs on a defenceless fox (by ‘accident’, of course), the newly reorganised RSPCA has set a course to fight ALL cruelty with equal vigour. The evidence they have accumulated is hard to watch. But it is huge in scope, and huge in its potential to change the face of animal welfare in the UK forever. And there is now the clear commitment – from an organisation which has been for some time regarded as slightly easy-going – to pursue this course to the highest level. It must, because the Countryside Alliance and the hunts will put vast resources into defending the alleged offenders, and, in the past, money has talked. All that is about to change. Save-Me is of course committed to ending blood-sports, and we will be continuing to work closely with the RSPCA as well as LACS, IFAW and others to this end.

But there was one more surprise to come. The RSPCA have asked me to become a Vice President. It will be a great honour.

More soon.

All the best