Memories of Moscow



Fireball ?'Miniature Village'

Towards the Kremlin from the roof of our hotel, at night after our show. This is not as sharp as I would have liked, but since taking this hyper-stereo involved clambering over chairs and tables with a dodgy knee, I didn’t go back to repeat the shot ! I never get tired of the ‘miniature village’ effect in hyper-stereos, the result of choosing a long baseline between left and right exposures (sequentially). In this case I moved about 10 feet to the right, between the shots.

Fireball stereo

And that apparent fireball … though it’s actually a setting Sun and a conveniently placed giant condensation-trail … or is it? Moscow and Kiev share a commonality in the wealth of beautiful golden domes. And beautiful sunsets.

We’re in Poland now, in Wroclaw (pronounced not as ‘Rock Law’, but something very close to Vrrots-Warf) – and it’s …nice! A town full of character and history. And this is the first time in 40 years that Queen has ever played Poland (though I personally had a great adventure in Warsaw some years ago).

And the memories of Moscow? Very warm, and pleasing. Fantastic audience – singing beautifully. Adam is a joy to work with, and we are developing a stimulating communication. Thanks Moskva!