The Government’s new Bill to gag us. Appalling. Please help defeat it.


I think this issue is very important.

If you can get a message to your MP tonight, it may make a difference to this vote tomorrow.

It’s another outrageous attempt to curb our rights of free speech and association. Almost unbelievable that Cameron and his cronies think they can get away with it. But they just might, having snuck this appalling piece of legislation into the back end of a bill which looked like something different.

Please WRITE if you can. This is a 38 degrees campaign, and we might have reservations about what they did and didn’t do for the badgers, but I believe this is a highly important issue.

Cheers !


Beauty of a sunset – from my roof tonight. Nature and Man seem in harmony. But our Govt is murdering Nature.

View from Roof
View from Roof