Joh Tiven – New album – Bri guests on it


Yo Ma Ma

For details of the track “Out of the Darkness” and album see HERE

Yes … Jon Tiven is a very old friend of mine. He was a journalist when we first met … I think he was about 12 years old ! He had hung out with Led Zeppelin, so it seemed to me he must be a cool guy ! ha ha.

We kept in touch ever since.

Usually he gets me to pick up a guitar and put something on tape, when I drop in on him in New York.

He’s become very successful over the years, as a producer, and song writer, and now as a singer, though he himself would probably not call it singing !!

Jon has Grammys on his mantelpiece … something I have never achieved !! In fact I don’t even know what a Grammy looks like. Roger calls them the ‘Grannys’ ! It’s kinda laughable that Led Zeppelin never got one. Neither did the Beatles … except for being damned with faint praise for the sound-track of Yellow Submarine. So exactly what these awards stand for, I’m not sure.

Jon’s work here is interesting – worth checking out. I’d call it sardonically nihilistic.