Messages of support on badgers. My thanks


I’ve had to deal with more and more flack, of course, from those who support the imminent cull of badgers in Somerset and Gloucester.

This is par for the course. But I’ve had an avalanche of supportive messages from those of you out there who care about animals (all animals, including cows, of course) and who see this slaughter, as we do, as an appalling tragedy.

As usually I’m answering what I can in the few spare moments I have … but please be assured that I read your messages and I take great strength from the massive support which is ever-growing, for the quest we are on … for decent treatment of our wild animals.

This lovely artwork from our pal Chiara sums up a lot of good thoughts. In the midst of all this awfulness, we have to try to keep a sense of lightness and a sense of humour.

Good Company
Picture by Chiara Tomaini

…. Thanks Chiara!! We battle on!

With love

As a postscript … I walked into the offices of the Farmers Weekly magazine yesterday … alone and unarmed !

It was … well, a little like you would expect .. I had a 45-minute grilling with the editor, which was all filmed. It was, mostly, heated and tense.

Pro-cull people are very intransigent – they simply do not WANT to hear the arguments against what they are doing. And it takes a while for them to realise that I already KNOW their point of view inside out … I could probably recite it well as they could.

So at the end … I am rushing away of save some foxes in a school in Merton (more about that later) and … oddly, everyone wants autographs and pictures.

It’s as if, as soon as the gloves are off, we are all just normal people again.

Maybe even Peter Kendal is nice and normal when he’s not campaigning in favour of slaughter!

Well, it’s good to remain civilised in all this, and, like I said, a sense of humour is a big help. But in the background … as soon as I think of those beautiful creatures in the sights of some shooter’s gun … I feel sick to the stomach. None of this is easy. It takes a toll.