My message to The Forest of Dean Meeting


Hello fellow peaceful warriors !

Brian May here. Thanks for being here to support the campaign to save thousands of badgers from this tragically misjudged plan to cull.

Today’s news from the NFU that they ‘might’ postpone the cull until Spring should not be interpreted as any indication that they have begun to realise the futility of their plan to cull badgers, instead of dealing with the problem at source.

There is every indication that both they and the Government are still clinging to this awful and inhumane killing spree, in spite of the massive and still-growing public outrage.

As we speak here, there are already moves from major retailers to produce milk that has been sourced only from cruelty-free farms.

Most of us here would prefer to continue to enjoy Dairy products, but not at the price of the death of thousands of innocent animals. Most of us here would also like to see an improvement in the way cows are treated too, as suggested by Steve Jones’s appraisal of the industry. There is every indication that better treatment of these animals who are effectively in service to the human race, would result in a healthy National herd, and that the spectre of bTB would recede, without the death of a single wild animal.

I personally have now made arrangements to visit our representatives in the European Parliament next month, to present our case to be allowed to vaccinate cows. I invite the NFU to join us, to confirm that at least they, if not the Government, are serious about the long-term ERADICATION of this disease from Britain, rather than a pernicious piece of window-dressing, designed to convince farmers that ‘Something is Being Done’, which will have virtually no effect, other than to alienate farmers from the British Public.

As people who care about decency, and abhor needless cruelty, we must be ever more insistent that schemes such as this cull, which place no value whatsoever on the feelings and welfare of animals who are not commercially exploitable, have no place in our modern world.

Spread the word out there. Make sure everyone you know is appraised of the facts of this case. Get them to visit Get them to sign the petition.

We may have some hard days in this campaign, but we have the advantage of knowing that we are on the side of right – of decency. Like Wilberforce in his struggle to end slavery, we may lose some battles, but, by God, WE WILL NOT LOSE THIS WAR.