Rockin with the Conservatives


It was a fascinating day for me at the Conservative Party Convention.

Even though we were there to lobby against an official party policy, we, representing TeamBadger, were received warmly by almost everybody. Even those who were not warm were still, on the whole, civil ! We used the day to lobby in the old style, face to face, in the corridors of the conference buildings. We were able to consolidate our team to (hopefully) take our debate into the House of Commons this month, and though the heads of department seemed intransigent in their resolve to go ahead with the killing of thousands of badgers, we got a very different feeling from almost everyone else. They were open and honest, and in many cases immediately expressed their support for what we were trying to achieve. I’d love to be able to tell you that we are closer to saving those innocent creatures, but all I can really say is that we’re doing all that we can in this area … dovetailing into what other members of our TEAM BADGER ‘consortium’ are doing in Gloucestershire and Somerset, and in other areas where this battle of life and death is being fought.

I’m battling a cold and an injured knee as well right now – lots of fun – but, knackered or not, we are headed to Brussels in the morning to take up the matter of vaccinating British cows with the European Parliament.

One day this will all be over, for better or for worse, and I will just make music again … and a bit of Astrophysics, and some Stereoscopy, and … be with my family …

Well, that is the dream.



Brian in Press Interview, Birmingham Conference Centre

Bri in one of his press interviews inside the Conference Centre.
(Photo: Anne Brummer)