Dear Folks


I’m still on tour – and still loving it. I’ve also become slightly addicted to tweeting, as some of you may have noticed ! Hopefully you can all see my Twitter activity if you’re checking the Soapbox. You won’t be missing much … it’s impossible to say anything very deep in Twitter. That’s the whole thing – it’s very light, in a way, but there is definitely a skill to develop, using this discipline of keeping everything down to 140 characters. It’s a bit like Haiku !!! ha ha.

The shows with Kerry have been getting better and better … my God – she is hard to keep up with now ! She’s just so developed as a singer and an artist. But it’s been a great opportunity for me as a ‘producer’ as well as a player, to pursue the art of ‘minimalism’ even further … well, not quite minimalism, but really the art of accompaniment, to best spotlight the singer and the song … which is where I came in, as a kid. I learned ‘rhythm’ guitar for years before I ever got into lead playing. This now comes in very handy. I’m actually revelling in the challenges it throws up … and with vocals like that … well, it’s totally rewarding.

Behind the scenes we are pursuing OWL stereo stuff. The Diableries book is coming on very nicely. And a new set of cards is nearly with us – high-quality meticulously restored reproductions of the original Tissue views but with a new twist … eyes that truly shine !! You’ll see !

And there is a new plan to do some ‘tourist 3-D’ using OWLS … we met some chaps who are eager to make it work. I’m intrigued, because in a sense we are treading the path of the Vistascreen 3-D viewer in the 1950s.

Here is a pic of me taken during our discussions. For tips on viewing these ‘side-by-side’ stereos, please see Stereo and Freeview Notes.

Brian in stereoIt’s a little soft, but quite friendly, I thought. And definitely stereoscopic ! Taken just before our show in St. Albans. By … one of those chaps !

See you out there !!! thanks for the support so far … it’s been very jolly !!

Cheers !