“Riders must wash mud off their horses’ hooves”?


I never heard such hogwash. How do they get away with it? [MAIL ON SUNDAY 4 November 2012]

What possible doubt can there be that careering around the countryside with horses and packs of dogs must spread fungal spores?

Perhaps we need a new petition, to ban hunting with dogs while there is a threat to ash trees?

Then we can get 100,000 signatures, have a debate in the House, in which Parliament will decide that it’s an entirely necessary precaution, to save our trees.

Then the DEFRA ministers, backed by David Cameron, can tell us they don’t give a flying F… what the Public, or Science, or Parliament says – they will still condone hunting.

That sound familiar?

This ridiculous Government needs a rocket up its arrogant ass. Hopefully one will come soon.


[and in answer to a question from John B on HUNTING & ASH TREE FUNGUS – SEE LETTERS]…

It would seem a good idea to ban hunting altogether while there is a threat of the Ash disease being spread. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if this Government tried to blame it on wildlife instead. It would give them a nice excuse to do some more killing, wouldn’t it.


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