WARNING: Result of Trail Hunt – Bravo Stella – Reminder


A killed fox - picture mollified by Anne Brummer

This picture (still slightly mollified by Anne who felt people don’t actually need to see the poor creature’s entrails hanging out) shows the result of a ‘TRAIL HUNT’ near London this Boxing Day.

The picture has already been shown on social media sites that are used to discussing this behaviour – but I wanted my whole following to have the opportunity to be clear about what we are talking about – what MUST be stopped in the name of decency.

I put ‘TRAIL HUNTING’ in inverted commas because the name itself is a calculated lie – and this deception has enabled the ruthless advocates of this particulary hideous blood sport to carry on since fox hunting with dogs was banned in Britain in 2004. Trail Hunting IS Fox Hunting. Fox hunting is torturing foxes to death for pleasure. I will add the credit and details to this post when I have the full set. But I want to add that incontrovertible evidence was gathered this past Boxing Day of two foxes being killed – and the body of one of them, a young lady fox, is at present in our rescue – where she will be buried with full respect.

The fact that these kills happened in Ministry of Defence land means that we are close to the final showdown with the bloody hunters. Once it is proven to the MOD that illegal acts occurred on their land – and that a Trail Hunt is inherently illegal, they cannot continue to allow these disgraceful activities on their land.

I also have to make it VERY clear that none of these remarks apply to the ancient Drag Hunts – which have always honestly followed an artificial scent – or to the Clean Boot hunts – in which a human is the quarry – and again the activity is entirely humane. For more information please visit the Save-Me Trust web site.

We’ll be asking for your further help soon.

Stella McCartney with fox on shoulder


Bravo Stella [McCartney] !!! Hoping all the concerned campaigns can collaborate on a new push forward to end this appalling cruelty. More power to ya and all your great humane work.

Thank you Marilyn Chaparro for reminding me tonight that my mission – OUR mission – is one of love – not vengeance. But do we fight for the rights of non-human animals ? Yes we do.

Thanks folks for marching with us.

Brian and fox - 01

Brian and fox - 02

Cheers – Bri