One beautiful release day – Great news for Britain’s Foxes – Arrived today


It’s One Beautiful Release Day !! Thanks NENU II ARTS for nice graphic !

SEE YOU FOLKS at 6.30pm tonight LIVE on Instagram !! What could possibly happen ? Meanwhile … download the track !

One Beautiful Christmas Day by NENU II ARTS

Great news for Britain’s foxes !

Trail Hunting 01 - fox

Trail hunting - Two foxes

ITV News last night reported that the fake sport of ‘Trail Hunting’ is now being investigated by the Crown Prosecution Service, after footage of a Fox-Hunting ‘Webinar’ were leaked last week, in which prominent members of the fox-hunting community calmly instruct their members on how to hunt illegally and escape prosecution.

Trail Hunting has always been a lie – merely a smokescreen to cover the sadistic deliberate torture and killing of foxes. Now that the Trail Hunters have been caught with their pants down, as it were, the lie has been forever exposed and confirmed, and this may drive the last nails into the coffin of blood sports in the UK. It’s long overdue. The great immediate benefit is that land-owners including the National Trust have already suspended licenses for Trail Hunting while the investigation goes ahead. So this may be the best Christmas ever for our wildlife !!

It’s important to note that Trail Hunting is completely different from the perfectly legal and humane sports of Drag Hunting and Clean Boot Hunting, which embody all of the traditional joys of horsemanship but none of the cruelty.

For details, please visit the Save-Me Trust website, where it’s all explained.

Trail hunting 03 - Leaping hound

Trail hunting 04 - Hunt and hounds

Trail hunting 05 - Quad bike lookouts

Trail hunting 06 - Blanked faces

Trail hunting 07 - Quote

And then … look what arrived today !!

Bri showing Woman single

Lovely real physical WOMAN CD’s that you can touch !!! These will be signed by all 5 of us for charity auctions. But you can get your copy from the QUEEN ON LINE shop !!! 

I'm A Woman single

I'm A Woman single

I'm A Woman single