Sunday Times – Trying to blacken my name?


Well on this day of some sadness, I have discovered that a Sunday Newspaper is trying to make trouble for me, suggesting I am hiding something. Obviously this is not an accident. As Gavin Grant (president of the RSPCA) has said to me, when you are fighting for a cause, you can define your progress by the friends you make, but also by the enemies you make. I have put a lot of people’s backs up by fighting against hunting, and blood sports in General. The principal force which fights FOR blood sports is the so-called Countryside Alliance. Now many of you may be new to this idea. The name ‘Countryside Alliance’, of course, sounds nice and gentle and rural, doesn’t it? It sounds like these would be people who are nurturing our forest and glades, protecting the wild animals ? Well, nothing could be further from the truth. They chose this euphemistic name carefully. The CA is essentially a continuation of an organisation which used to be called the ‘Field Sports Association’ – and for ‘Field Sports’, read ‘Blood Sports’. For these ugly and barbaric ‘sports’ that they still promote are Fox-Hunting with packs of dogs, Stag Hunting with dogs, and the truly despicable practice of hare-coursing. All these ‘traditional’ activities were made illegal by the Hunting Act of 2004, but is no secret that all of them still go on, on a daily basis, because under this Government a blind eye is turned. Indeed Cameron and his buddies all have close connections with the CA and had promised to try to make blood sports legal again.

So, people like me and the RSPCA and IFAW and PETA and LACS … all of whom are fighting for decent treatment for animals, are the target of scurrilous people who would like to discredit us.

This ‘story’ was phoned through to my chaps a couple of days ago, with the usual kind of threat that they will publish anyway, but ‘what did we have to say for ourselves’, as if we had something to hide. Well, we don’t. I’m printing my letter to this reporter Kevin Dowling below, so you guys, and anyone else who is interested, can see the truth. But expect a sensationalist piece in the Sunday Times tomorrow, making out that I have done something against my principles. I haven’t.

All the very best


To KEVIN DOWLING – SUNDAY TIMES You’re obviously trying to make trouble for me, Kevin? I wonder why? I wonder who put you up to it? Perhaps you’d be kind enough to tell me. I sniff Countryside Alliance involvement – they would love to find ways to discredit me, because my activities to protect animals are a threat to them. Well, somebody has misinformed you, if they have told you there is culling of deer going on my land. And actually I know that Tilhill, who run it for me, have already informed you of the truth of the situation, so I cannot fathom why you would still want to print what is obviously a lie. I inherited culling of deer on the land I bought in Dorset a few years ago, and was initially advised that I ought to keep it up because having a game-keeper discouraged poachers, and improved the health of the deer population. I had my doubts, but I was new to forest management, and realised I had much to learn. I decided to let it continue for a short period, observe for a while, and then take what action I felt was right. A couple of years ago, having studied the effects, I decided to stop the culling. I came in for some criticism for stopping it, but I believe, having now seen it close at hand, that, as far as animal welfare and land management are concerned, there was not good enough reason to cull. I believe that for the foreseeable future this land can sustain the wildlife it contains, without interference from Man. That capability will be enhanced by the new purchase of adjoining land, which I intend to replant as ‘native’ forest – a sanctuary for wild animals where they can live in peace, and be enjoyed by local residents. No hunting of any kind will be permitted on this land. Sincerely Brian May (PLEASE OBSERVE COPYRIGHT) ©