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ADRIAN THRILLS: Unearthed after 33 years… more miracles from Freddie Mercury and Brian May
QUEEN: The Miracle (EMI Deluxe Collector’s Edition)
Rating: **** | Verdict: Still a kind of magic

The Miracle single
(Photography by George Chinn)

“More miracles from Freddie Mercury and Brian May”

Freddie Mercury said Queen did things ‘bigger and better’, and the band he fronted lived up to that billing.
Now comes an expanded repackaging of The Miracle, the group’s penultimate album in Mercury’s lifetime, and a record that saw them return to the grandiose, hard-rocking style they pioneered in the 1970s while reiterating their importance to 1980s pop.
The real interest is in the ‘new’ songs. Despite the inclusion of three unheard tracks on 2014’s Queen Forever, the Queen archives haven’t exactly been generous in yielding buried treasures since 1995’s posthumous Made In Heaven album. This package goes some way to remedying that.
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18 November 2022 4* review
Queen: the collector’s edition of The Miracle is filled with treasures yet profoundly sad.

A multi-disc box set of The Miracle, featuring six previously unreleases tracks

The Miracle cover art crop

The big reveal came in June 2022, when Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor teased the release of a song recorded more than 30 years ago and never before heard outside of the band’s inner circle. Face It Alone was demoed during sessions for The Miracle, the penultimate Queen album released in singer Freddie Mercury’s lifetime. That song is one of many treasures in this new box set.  
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Brian May shares ‘emotional’ Freddie Mercury moment – ‘It was as of he was there’
Brian May confessed Freddie Mercury incident was sprung on him totally out of the blue.

The Miracle artwork

Next week marks 31 years since Freddie Mercury’s tragic death at just 45 after losing his battle with AIDS. The star had performed for 20 years as Queen’s singer and formed a close bond with his band that was never broken.
Yet he kept up a tenacious spirit, as the band co-wrote and recorded around 30 songs, with only 10 making it onto the album. Now, three decades on, Queen are releasing six previously unheard tracks on their collector’s edition of the record, which is released tomorrow.
Queen The Miracle Collector’s Edition will be released on November 18 as an 8-Disc Book Set: Vinyl LP/5CD/DVD/Blu-ray and can be pre-ordered here.  READ MORE


Freddie Mercury’s hilarious outtakes from Queen recording sessions in final years released.
Listen to Freddie Mercury’s personal banter and chat with his Queen bandmates on the new collector’s edition of The Miracle. It gives an incredible fly-on-the-wall experience for fans.

Group shot by Simon Fowler
Group shot by Simon Fowler

Freddie Mercury’s unheard spoken outtakes from Queen recording sessions released

Miracle Super Deluxe Colleectors Edition

Originally released in 1989, a collector’s edition of The Miracle album has been released today featuring six previously unreleased songs including the single Face It Alone.
Alongside this is The Miracle Sessions CD, featuring original recordings and demos with unheard spoken outtakes of the bandmates’ interactions with each other. These were captured at Townhouse, Olympic and Mountain Studios.
And what’s clear from the audio, which is predominantly Freddie on the mic, is that Queen were having a lot of fun and buzzing with enthusiasm.
One particular highlight is hearing the late singer’s thrill at nailing a section of Breakthru, shouting: “Oh I love it! Love that one!”

Queen The Miracle Collector’s Edition is an 8-Disc Book Set: Vinyl LP/5CD/DVD/Blu-ray and is out now. READ MORE


How Simon Lupton and Jake McBride brought back Freddie Mercury for new Queen video

Simon Lupton in the studio
Simon Lupton

Director Simon Lupton and Jake McBride of Animind Studios describe how they created a new music video for Face it Alone, Queen’s “lost song” that’s been sweeping the globe this autumn.