I found a nice 3-D app for iPhone


This was the result of a tweet … from someone asking me about 3-D apps … most of the ‘Stereogram” type apps are actually the ‘Magic Eye’ – or ‘Stareo’ type of single image things. .. ‘hidden objects in patterned wallpaper’ – that kind of thing. Which is fun. But it doesn’t help you take stereo pics.

But this app does. Called ‘3D Camera’, it really makes taking sequential stereos with your iPhone very pleasant and easy.

The nicest thing about it for me is that it immediately gives you the two pictures superimposed so you can line them up just right – with foreground objects overlapping exactly … t

hen you can hit a number of buttons and the stereo output in all different ways … side by side, anaglyphs, and even flicker stereo. Also you can flip the left and right images, to make cross-eyed or parallel stereo pairs. Don’t forget to SAVE at that point – to your Camera Roll – because the next picture you take will replace the one you just finished in the works of the app.

My first effort, which took no more than a minute … was this … a Hitchcockian 3-D phone!

Phone stereo - side by side

Phone Anaglyph

Cheers !


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